Der Garten von Mies

Our Objective

The society has taken on the task of restoring and preserving the New National Gallery's sculpture court. This sculpture court, or garden, is in extremely poor condition and requires urgent help. Floor slabs, walls, and stone benches must be thoroughly restored. Dead trees must be replaced; overgrown bushes and ground cover plants need to be replaced. The sculptures must be secured to their bases. The garden area requires reorganization to accord with the original concept. Maintenance of the garden after restoration has been completed will require the ongoing services of professionals.

The German Federal Building Authority is not in a position to maintain the New National Gallery on its own. To help out, we have founded the "Mies van der Rohe Skulpturengarten e.V.", which seeks to elicit the interest of friends of urban culture, - fusing architecture, gardens, and sculpture. The society hopes to receive help in the form of donations and/or memberships.